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More About Me

I'm a current Masters student at Northeastern University, studying Computer Science. I'll graduate in May 2022. I'm also Double Husky - having received my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Neu in 2020.

My interest lies in the intersection of technology and sustainable solutions, primarily in the energy/environment sphere. I'd love to combine my knowledge of software and web development, and my passion for the outdoors.

I love to hike! Like, really, love to hike. For months on end.

I thru hiked the 3,100 mile Continental Divide Trail in 2021, and the 273 mile Long Trail in 2020. Currently, I'm scheming to hike the 800 mile Arizona Trail in late Spring 2022. My Trail Name is Bellows, and I love to be in the backcountry. Ask me about my pack's base weight (currently 12 pounds!).

I love Jazz! If you want to talk bebop, pianists, or horn players - let me know. I've been recently really diggin' on Bud Powell for Piano, and Clifford Brown for Trumpet.